Thursday, August 28, 2008

In Search of Mermaids

Evidence of Mermaids is at first elusive, but then it starts to show up.
Some people do not want to talk. Rubbish, they say. But, Aha! you must tell yourself and listen closer to these. Perhaps they have a mermaid in hiding somewhere and think it best to try to throw you off the track.

And then there are the people who are convinced there are none. Well, the mermaids put out traps and those who would be better off not knowing (and who would leave the mermaids better off for their not knowing too), they get to not know and not care. The perfume rises slightly from the fog. It is indiscernible to them. And it renders them immune. All the fearfulness of knowing what they don’t want to know is taken away. It is kept in nuts in the forest. But it can come back to them if they go out foraging too deeply in the forest where the nut trees are hidden in the brush and the thick woods. Be careful what you eat.

Ah, but now we come to the ones who want to know. They suspect the magic is out there and can feel the presence of it. They are the true believers, even if they haven't yet made contact. And they are on the trail.
They are, at first, hard to find, and then easily, they appear. You have to look for them, be on the look-out for them.
It is kind of like looking for a certain kind of car you want to buy, like a Volvo (favorite car of mermaids and other elementals, fairies, and such). Then, amazingly, everywhere you look, there are Volvos merrily driving all around you. These are your peeps, oh ye seekers of mermaid and merfolk. They are on the same path.

And the ones who know… Well they are trappers too, so beware. For once you cross into magic, there is no a going back. It will have you for the rest of your life and you will always hear the bells of the angels thereafter. It will flow around you and you will have light and ways of traveling. It is a place of wonders, this world. But be ready to find what you are looking for. It may hear of you and find you first!


T. Anne said...

Wow I'm totally entranced! Great post. I'll be on the look out for those volvo's. :)

Michelle Gregory said...

thanks for visiting my blog, and for your kind commment. i know i've seen your name before. how did you find me?

i love mermaids, too. i'm doing a series of novellas about them. if you're interested, i'll send you a link to my first story, or you can find a link on my blog to my short stories. the only one posted there so far is the mermaid story "Homecoming."

Fresh Water Mermaids said...

Hi Anne!
Thanks for the nice comments!

Hi Michelle!
Thank you for writing too.

I love novellas. I think they are one of the wonderful art forms of the written word.

Some of the most exquisite works by many of my favorite authors are their novellas.

It is such a satisfying length. One that I hope will someday come back into a more popular place in publishing culture.

And yes, I would love to have a link to your mermaid stories.
Please send it along!

Kind regards to both of you,