Friday, August 15, 2008

Fresh Water Mermaids! Oh My!

And so it begins again, my next big trip UP in search of more wild mermaid background and lore.

The Upper Peninsula is rich and mythic and has inspired, for me, a perfect setting for my novel, Running Away To UP, which takes place there. On this trip, I will compete the second of two in-depth research trips to this beautiful wilderness country at the edge of the North Coast.

I will be going to to Munising, Marquette, and the Keweenaw Peninsula the first two weeks of this trip where I will be exploring the Lake Superior coastline in Michigan's Upper Peninsula.

On the 1st of September, I will meet my husband in St. Ignace for the annual Labor Day walk across the Mackinac (pronounced Mackinaw) Bridge, a five mile span across the Mackinac Straits that is only open to foot traffic this one day a year. (Expect 70,000+ people!) Afterward we will be going outback to complete my research trip. We will drive north to Paradise and the top of Whitefish Point and on to the Two Hearted River to fish for trout and hike about Crisp Point Light.

With me, I am bringing a few of the first of the new Mermaid Prints and scouting magical places to leave them or bring them for next summer! Although they are not necessarily part of the novel, they have sprung from it and are starting to have an energy that not only connects to the writing, but that has a life of its own.

These are going to be for sale as a pre-launch and (hopefully!) launch of the novel (and also to help fund my research trips for the novel) and tentatively will be scheduled for wide release next summer!

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May magic travel with you too!


Sault Boat Watcher said...

Do you really think there are mermaids in Lake Superior? They must be very hardy if they live there.

However,my sister spotted some kind of creature following her one day in Lake Superior when she was canoeing across Brimley Bay which is near Sault Ste. Marie. Could it have been mermaids?

Fresh Water Mermaids said...

Yes! Absolutely! You never know!

Magic Happens!

Anonymous said...

This is not about "fresh water",but ocean mermaids! Actually saw live footage on Discovery channel,program:Mermaids: New Evidence! Washington State 2004, thousands of beached whales,2nd largest beaching (next to Capetown, Africa)(the navy cover-up)all bleeding from their ears, half dead mermaid found by 2 boys and they had footage on their phones before the navy...tried to shut them up!The navy kept the mermaid alive until 2007 when she died. Happening all over the world! Big Brother cover-ups all over!! The Navy is using sonar blasts(a weapon) and killing our whales and mermaids!! Unbelievable footage,from Danish Marine Geologists...they map out the ocean floor for oil..The Greenland Nature Reserve has stopped all mappings due to the evidence that includes part of the coast offshore!!! The rest of the world has not stopped and Big Brother continues to cover-up and continue it's weaponry deep below the ocean,still killing our whales and mermaids! New series sometime this summer on Animal Plant about Mermaids coming soon.